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    • July 26, 2009

      WiRED Plans to Develop Shorewood Property


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      Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009, 11:00pm CDT – Last Modified: Friday, July 24, 2009, 12:00am CDT

      The villages of Shorewood and Whitefish Bay are discussing ways to redevelop a 31,000-square-foot parcel that’s split evenly between the two municipalities.

      The developer of the property, WiRED Properties LLC, Milwaukee, expects Shorewood officials to place an emphasis on apartments, and Whitefish Bay to push for retail on its half.

      “The goal is to come up with a cohesive plan that treats the development as one parcel even though the communities have different outlooks,” said Blair Williams, president of WiRED Properties.

      The parcel in the 4500 block of North Oakland Avenue was once a gas station and automobile repair shop.

      Williams is currently seeking approval from Shorewood for a 28-unit, four-story apartment building that would include underground parking. On the Whitefish Bay side of the property, WiRED is looking at 11,000 square feet of retail split among four tenants.

      The former gas station property included an approximate 15,000-square-foot building that was “deconstructed” instead of demolished and hauled to a landfill, said Chris Swartz, Shorewood’s village manager.

      As part of the deconstruction process handled by the environmental services division of The Sigma Group, Milwaukee, the building was dismantled in the opposite way it was constructed so metals, asphalt, concrete and masonry could be recovered and recycled as raw materials, said Keith Schmitz, a spokesman for the village.

      Schmitz said more than 90 percent of the plumbing, wiring, pavement and other building materials were recycled.

      “This is one example of how we are working with developers to find greener ways to redevelop the village,” said Swartz.


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